txsh 0.2

txsh is a dynamic wrapper around Twisted ProcessProtocol and spawnProcess that allows you to call any program as if it were a function and return a deferred with its exit code and output. If you wanna know what it does, check out my first release post.

Version 0.2 introduces a few new features and bug fixes.

– Support to subcommands. It looks nice to be able to do “git.branch(“-v”)” instead of  “git(“branch”, “-v”)”

– Redirection of stderr and stdout to any file-like object, deferred, deffered queue or callable. If a string is passed, we will assume it’s a filename we can open and write to it.

– Added a few unit tests.

– Fixed a bug where the subcommand was not being properly passed on .bake call.


from txsh import ls, curl, wc, git, sudo
# arguments should go separated
d = ls("-l", "-h") # ls -l -h
# Keyword arguments are also supported
d = ls(help=True)  # ls --help
# Underscores will be replaced by dashes
d = curl(connect_timeout=10, url="http://something")
# curl --connect-timeout 10 --url http:/something
# You can pipe
d = wc(ls())
# You can have subcommands
d = git.branch()  # Same as git("branch")
d = sudo.ls("-h")  # Same as sudo("ls", "-h")
# You can bake
ll = ls.bake("-l", "-h")
d = ll()  # Now ll will always output ls -l -h
# You can redirect stderr or stdout to a file using special args _out and _err
d = ls("-l", _out=open('output.log', 'wb'))
# In fact, you can use any file-like object like a StringIO.
# A callabble.
def alert(error):
    pass  # Do something
d = ls("-l", _err=alert) # Will redirect stderr to alert function.
# If you pass a string, we will simply assume it's a filename.
d = ls("-l", _out="output.log", _err="error.log")
# You can also pass a DeferredQueue or a simple Deferred.
queue = DeferredQueue()
my_defer = Deferred()
d = ls("-l", _out=queue, _err=my_defer)
# When stdout is ready, it will call queue.put
# When stderr is ready, it will call my_defer.callback

The new release is on PyPI, so you can install it with pip. Check out the project page! Hope it’s useful for some.

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